Beacon Villages Society

The Beacon Villages Society is a local amenity society dealing with issues of concern to villagers, liaising with parish councils and approaching district and county councils where necessary.  It was founded in 1964 as the ‘Pitstone Amenity Preservation Group’ to press for fume and dust improvements caused by the cement works.  A few years later the society became the Beacon Villages Society, encompassing Pitstone, Ivinghoe, Cheddington, Aldbury, Marsworth and the surrounding areas.  The society became very active again in the early 1990’s when redevelopment of the closed cement works was proposed.  In particular, it campaigned vigorously, and not alone, against the proposed rubbish dump in Quarry 2 below Pitstone Hills.   It also kept a close watch on the whole redevelopment, attempting constructive comment wherever possible and working with Pitstone parish council and the Chiltern Society.

The Society’s committee, with members from all the above villages, looks at planning applications of concern, and always welcomes suggestions of ways to enable enhancement of our villages environment.  Of current concern:

  • pressure for increasing housing development in the Vale
  • the future of the three quarries
  • traffic patterns, footpaths and cycleways

At the Society’s annual meeting, a speaker on a local topic is usually welcomed.  Membership is just £1 per person – if funds are needed for any major campaign, special money-raising events are undertaken.

Chairman: Phil Cummings, 41 Chequers Lane, Pitstone.  Tel: 01296 668621
Hon Secretary: Jean de Selincourt, 9 Church Road, Pitstone.  Tel: 01296 662151
Hon Treasurer: Sally Kapadia, Coles Green House, Chequers Lane, Pitstone.

  • Contact
    Jean de Selincourt
  • Telephone
    01296 662151