Pitstone PC Contact Details

The parish council tries to keep you informed about current issues and events via a number of mediums:

  • via this web site
  • you can follow us on Facebook with either PitstoneParishCouncil or Pitstone Youth
  • you can follow us on twitter @pitstone_pc
  • we operate 6 notice-boards around the village plus a dedicated one at the allotments where information from the parish council and other community groups will be posted
  • through Pitstone Parish Post, published quarterly and delivered to all households
  • we produce a bi-annual guide on what to do in and around the village which includes the latest updates from the council

Please feel free to contact any member of the council or the clerk.

Name Address Telephone email
Councillor Robert Saintey 2 Albion Road, LU7 9AY 01296 668633 bob.saintey@pitstonepc.org
Councillor Ben Blunt The Laurels, Old Farm, LU7 9RD 01296 660702 ben.blunt@pitstonepc.org
Councillor David Nicholls 64 Marsworth Road, LU7 9AS  01296 661910  dave.nicholls@pitstonepc.org
Councillor Mrs Gillian Arney 63 Cheddington Road, LU7 9AQ  01296 668123  gill.arney@pitstonepc.org
Councillor Mr Kris Weber 61 Cheddington Road, LU7 9AQ 07710 088624 kris.weber@pitstonepc.org
Cllr Dr Dave Frearson 93 Yardley Avenue, LU7 9BD  07946 067808  dave.frearson@pistonepc.org
Cllr Mrs Margaret Crutchfield 12 Yardley Avenue, LU7 9AL 01296 291389 margaret.crutchfield@pitstonepc.org
Cllr Mr Jack Hawkins 4 The Green, LU7 9QS 07713 590490 jack.hawkins@pitstonepc.org
Cllr Mr Anil Mitra 40 Campbell Lane, LU7 9FT 01296 295827 anil.mitra@pitstonepc.org
Cllr Mrs Louise Stoddart 7 Campbell Lane, LU7 9FT 07970 767097 louise.stoddart@pitstonepc.org<

The clerk handles all the administration and finances and can be reached at:
Name Address Telephone email
Mrs Laurie Eagling 9 Warwick Road, LU7 9FE  01296 767261  parishclerk@pitstone.co.uk

The parish council tries hard to deliver quality services on your behalf but should you have cause for complaint about any of our services, we welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you.   Please refer to our complaints procedure and contact the parish clerk in the first instance.

Should you wish to make a Freedom of Information Request please refer to the What Information is Available? section for details http://pitstone.co.uk/ppcinfo/what-information-is-available/